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We are proud to announce our latest release:

Strange Girls by Joanie DiMartino.


We will be hosting a book launch event

at CITY NEWS CAFE in New London, CT*

June 19, 2010 from 2-4pm

Please feel free to stop by if you are in the area

and celebrate this remarkable work.


For Further information about Strange Girls

browse Joaine DiMartino’s author page on our blog here:



* [City News Cafe is Located at 70 State Street.

One block from the New London train Station.]


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On May 22, 2010 we celebrated the launch of Jean-Yves Solinga’s fourth book of poetry, Landscape of Envies. The book launch took place at City News Cafe in New London Connecticut.  After a wonderful reading by Mr. Solinga we all mingled for at least an hour, discussing poetry, enjoying life, drinking wine, eating and simply celebrating this significant work.
For all of you who could not attend the launch we will be posting the video of Mr. Solinga’s reading and post- launch interview but until then here is a selection from Landscape of Envies to hold you over.  Enjoy!


The inlet and its next generation of ducks: still there.
The dunes with different footprints: but the same warmth.
The coffee table: different napkins under its leg but still wobbling.
The ride from the airport, just as congested: not as joyful.
Concerts: with one reservation. Italian take out: for one.
He had adjusted to his emotional juxtaposition on things.
His envies could still be seen,
But only through a transparent film:
A reminder of the new protocol imposed on his heart.
These envies and their solidity in Space and Time
Having learned to silently coexist in the world.
It was only when essences of Proustian ghosts would appear
That the past would regenerate in the humidity of memories.
Sprouts of shy greenish buttons of hope would appear,
But then would soon dry in the absence of encouragement:
And he would readapt to the barren landscape.
This, and all sorts of other images came to his mind:
Knowing that, in a post Santa Claus world,
He would have to learn to live and get along:
Like Sisyphus of old meaninglessly pushing his bolder.
He would learn, nevertheless, to admire
The darkest of darkest of coals
That would, from time to time, soil his hands.
And so, in the manner of tragedies, great and small,
Only center stage hopeful activity would drive the days,
With a few interludes of touching moments
Found in the magic happiness of metaphors of childhood:
Exemplified by the tender presence of one’s favorite truck.                                                                                                                                                                    ____________________________
He felt no anger in his heart. No bitterness:
Having wandered into enough sweetness to last a lifetime.
“If only…” he however murmured wistfully
In the mournful sound of the seagulls.
He could merely hope, that a generous god
Would see to it, that he would die first;
And thus be granted the lesser of the pains:
That of not living and not knowing a world without her.

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